Zoyen Turismo

Zoyen Tourism is a company formed by young and right people in the field. People born and raised in the area, despite the current vicissitudes, is growing every day and help the tourists who visit us to learn and explore the wonders of our province, focusing on the county northwest of Santa Cruz. Enjoying the tranquility and beauty of its landscapes, making these attractive and far unique.

We have enabled passenger according to the needs, 4, 15, 24 and 46 passenger vehicles.

Know all our tours

All tours are conducted in approved vehicles with capacity for 15 passengers or 4 as needed. Departures are in the morning and in all cases have the ability to coordinate their trip on Route 40. Departures from Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos.

Nuevas excursiones 2018

Incorporamos nuevas excursiones que amplian nuestro servicio en la zona. Conozca:
Paseo histórico + Cueva de las manos
Excursión Lago Posadas y Pueyrredon

Traslados Comodoro + Bosque Petrificado

Conozca nuestro nuevos servicios privados desde y hacia el Aeropuerto de la ciudad de Comodoro Rivadavia, con Excursión al Bosque Petrificado
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